Customer management: 4 customer experience trends that will soar growth
In a PWC survey, it was reported that over 7 in 10 customers, both B2C and B2B, value customer experience in their relationship with brands. As consumer expectations rise, it is imperative for marketers to up-the-ante in their customer management programs. Being focused will determine the level of success attained. How can you achieve it? 1. Customer management is an organization-wide effort Since customer experience took centre-stage, companies have been debating and experimenting with the internal ownership of this activity. From marketing, sales to operations, almost every department in the organization has been assigned it. With time, businesses that delivered great customer experience have discovered that it is an organization-wide effort. Every internal stakeholder will have a part in the engagement process. 2. Agile and responsive It is the era of instantaneous gratification. To be responsive, businesses have to ingrain in their systems agile practices. Why? The customer journey is riddled with uncertainties. People are more exposed and savvy. Their expectations will change. Brands and businesses have to respond to these changes accordingly. 3. Bots at work Slightly over 1 in 2 businesses are expected to have bots join the workforce in 2020. It's a whopping 136% increase over 2019 figures. Perhaps this should not be a startling statistic. What is more critical is for companies to map a seamless transition in the lead generation process from bots to humans. The fact is, bots will not replace people but will redefine people's roles in the customer engagement and CRM process. 4. Nurture empathy With AI/ML, bots can do almost everything a human can except demonstrating empathy. After decades of people running on the treadmill providing great customer service, they now have the emotional space to be human again at work. What does that mean? We now have the capacity to listen, discern and act accordingly in response to the unique needs of customers. The bots can manage the routine tasks, for example, accept payments or confirm orders. Is your business ready for the great customer experience challenge? It's time to create that unique experience even your competitors will talk about. Book your appointment here.
PASocial Day Bologna by Humans Of Tukulti licensed under Creative Commons 4.0