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How to use Google AdWords effectively on a small budget
Small businesses and startups generally have less marketing capital than their larger counterparts. While you might think this could be a hindrance when it comes to online marketing, the good news is that there are lots of ways a creative integrated marketing agency can utilise Google AdWords to great effect. At MK2, we’ve compiled a list of four simple ways your business can make the most of Google AdWords on a small budget - and we can implement each of these into your marketing strategy if you wish:

1) Have a clear, defined objective

Before getting specific with conversion goals, think of the larger picture. What are your overall business goals? What are your marketing goals within the business? Once you’ve clarified this, you (or your SEO agency) can narrow in on a more tactical plan. For example, if your business is a fashion house with the goal of selling 1,000 t-shirts to rock music fans this quarter, your advertising goal might be to push a buy-one-get-one-free promotion to rock music fans. With Smart Bidding, you can precisely target specific keywords within Google AdWords to reach the audience you want, with your maximum budget set so that you don’t go overboard.

2) Maintain a high quality score

Google assesses bid amounts, landing pages and keywords, and provides feedback in the form of a Quality Score (ranked from 1 to 10). To succeed with Google AdWords, you need your ads to be crystal clear. A creative digital marketing agency can help you achieve this in your PPC content.

3) Target long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are incredibly specific and generally tend to send customers in your direction. A generic keyword like “shirts” won’t target people in your neighbourhood who are looking to browse the latest sportswear for their local football team. Instead, you should get specific with long tail keywords. Something like “Eagles AFL men’s shirt” or “Greater Western Sydney Giants official merchandise” should capture the attention of the right prospective customers in the right areas.

4) Optimise your landing pages

With landing pages, the goal isn’t to create an ad somebody simply clicks on - it’s to create an ad someone clicks on and finds the actual product or service they were looking for from the get-go. Poor quality landing pages can affect your Google Ad Quality Score, which will result in your site slipping down the rankings.

Supercharge your Google AdWords campaign today

As experts in digital marketing, MK2 is here to help deliver a unique Google AdWords solution which works for you. Whether you want a hands-on approach or simply want to outsource your SEO and PPC to us is completely up to you. We pride ourselves on working with our clients on their level - so why not contact us today to discuss your requirements?
Photo: Free image by Pixabay