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The three types of CRM you need to know
Running a company is a tough job and requires a lot of resilience. You are often needed in multiple places at once and have hundreds of tasks that need to be completed at any given time. One of the most important things that needs your attention is your customer relationship management, or CRM. There are three kinds, and choosing the best for you is a pivotal part of lead generation and growing your company. Read on to discover what the three types of CRM are so that you can work out which is best for your business.

Operational CRM

One kind of customer management is operational. This is a technique that merges all of your marketing, sales and processes into one in order to make everyday activities run much more smoothly. This shared interface means all information and key data can be safely stored and accessed in order to tailor a given customer's journey and learn more about how clients interact with your website and other mediums so that you can improve your business in the future.

Analytical CRM

This type of CRM focuses on analysing data held about customers and their interactions so that your business can learn and grow based on this knowledge. It can be used to improve user experience and increase customer satisfaction by understanding the preferences and actions of the audience or target market.

Collaborative CRM

This approach involves opening channels of communication between areas of your company such as marketing, sales and customer service, amongst others. All of these customer service divisions are then encouraged to work together to collaboratively improve the experience that your customers have in order to increase business and interaction for your company.

Which is best?

The best option depends on your business and your target market. If you need more help or further tips, make sure to browse our blog at the mk2 site and get in touch with any questions to let us help you improve your marketing in a way that is individual to your business.
Photo: Free image by Pixabay