Google AdWords, and what YouTube can do for your brand

google adwords

Google AdWords, and what YouTube can do for your brand

Over the past 20 years, Google AdWords has taken Google has gone from a relatively obscure brand to being one of the most valuable companies on the planet. A significant amount of this is driven by Google AdWords and the advertising revenue generated through it. Google is the biggest advertising agency on the planet and by embracing it on platforms such as YouTube, you can put your brand in the best position possible for rapid growth.

What is Google AdWords?

Put simply, Google AdWords is an advertising agency run by Google, which you can use to target specific audiences with information and marketing materials about your product. One of the primary advantages of using AdWords is the sheer size of your target audience that Google can offer you. The vast majority of the internet’s traffic goes through either Google’s primary search engine or Google Chrome. The number of customers and data that Google has access to means that you can target your adverts down to incredibly specific aspects such as political preferences, reducing costs and boosting success rates.

How does this link to YouTube?

Any advertising that you see in front of a YouTube video, at the top of the search results, or hidden to the right of a video have all come through AdWords or AdSense. AdSense is a great tool for connecting with influencers on YouTube who have similar target audiences and demographics as you. Whether you decide to create simple text-based ads, image ads or video ads, influencers can place these ads in their videos, extending your reach.

What are the advantages of AdWords?

With the right keywords and audience targeting, there is no market that you can’t reach. Google is a colossus that processes 40,000 internet searches every single second, and YouTube alone has over 2 billion users actively signed into accounts every single month. Even an unsuccessful advert has the likelihood of reaching thousands of customers, and the pay per click nature of AdWords means that you’ll only pay for those customers that like your advert. When you’re advertising on YouTube, it can be almost impossible to waste your money. This means unending potential for brand growth and an efficient allocation of your marketing budget.

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