How to turn creativity into a growth advantage
Do you have a strategy to stay creative and drive growth? When asked this question, most small business owners are likely to answer "No" or "We should be thinking about that." It's rare to hear an affirmative "Yes!". Often, they'll say "it's busy enough thinking about today's delivery or chasing a lead." Sure, these put money in the bank. But they don't necessarily guarantee the future. Having a creative strategy in place is vital for the business's sustainability. Not having one is the blind spot of many small businesses. To enjoy continued success by getting better at what you're doing now isn't sufficient. In this article, we highlight simple everyday habits you can incorporate into your creative strategy. 1. Treat failure as a pause Creativity isn't a highway to success without stops. It's a long road with several sets of lights. You may or may not get caught in any of them, either to slow down or stop. When the latter occurs, take it as an opportunity to regroup, reflect and recharge. On a few occasions, you might have to turn back to start again or chart a new route. 2. Stay inspired It was a moment of inspiration that probably got you started. A desire to change the way people travel, acquire new language skills or do banking. But as you turn the inspiration into a business, then grow it, the busy-ness of business takes over your being. Don't allow that. Staying inspired is an important component of your creative strategy. Continuously asking "how can we change that" will ensure you do not slip into obsolescence. 3. Love diversity We live in an increasingly multi-faceted world. Everyone and anyone can contribute to the search for solutions. To add, they may come from the least expected backgrounds. Embrace and love diversity. Get out of your comfort zone of staying connected only to so-called industry experts. Creativity is the engine of growth. Don't risk stalling it. Keep it well-tuned so it can serve your business better. To learn how you can implement a creative strategy for the business, connect with us.
Image by Free-Photos via Pixabay