How to use your CRM to nurture prospects effectively
Unlike lead generation, lead nurturing isn't given sufficient attention by businesses in their CRM strategy. Perhaps there's an assumption when the funnel has been lined up well, its a matter of time before the conversion happens. It's a myth. Getting prospects across the line is challenging, even more than lead generation. There's a thin line to be observed, and rightly so, between being pushy and salesy versus convincing prospects you are the better solution. With the versatility of CRM systems today, however, the task has been made less arduous. Building relationships, which is a central focus of lead nurturing, can be effectively undertaken. Today, most CRM systems, if not all, are capable of performing a variety of lead nurturing activities. All you have to do is map them. In this article, we share tips and hints to nurture prospects effectively. Adapt them to suit the needs of your marketing campaign. 1. Let's get personal Every prospect wants to be treated accordingly. And this goes beyond addressing them by their names in follow-up emails. Having an in-depth understanding of their digital behaviour will make a difference in your personalisation efforts. For example, sending emails to prospects at specific times can be a delightful surprise. 2. Be specific Nothing annoys prospects more than receiving irrelevant content from suitors. It shows you've given little or no thought at all to their problems and desired solution. In a nutshell, it's a big turn off. Building relationships is a step towards convincing prospects you are the better solution. Hence, ensuring relevance in the content you share with them is vital. The more specific it is, the closer you'll draw them towards you. 3. Be prompt in your follow-ups It shows the hunger and a strong desire to be in service to prospects. Remember, you are not the only chasing the lead. They are other suitors too. Whilst it is not a case of the early bird catches the worm, well not always, being prompt can hint at the quality of service prospects can expect from you. Ready to nurture your next big client? Connect here.
Image by irinakeinanen via Pixabay