In-market audiences and Google Adwords
In today’s rapid-growth digital culture, it is not surprising that consumers make their buying choices based on a variety of sources, such as reading reviews on rating websites or scrolling through social media. How can we use these sources to boost sales and market online content to suit both new and existing customers? What are in-market audiences? The term ‘in-market audiences’ describes consumers that are genuinely in the market to purchase a product or service, as opposed to those who are simply interested in a category of products or services without the intention to buy. To simplify, in-market audiences are your potential consumers. They are ready and willing to invest in products and services that you offer and are often waiting for the right moment to do so. So how can you identify these potential in-market audiences in today’s fast-paced online marketplace? An easy and effective way to do so is using Google Adwords. How can you use Google Adwords to increase online sales? Google Adwords is used to help identify consumers that are ready to purchase products and services and help you to connect with them at the exact moment that they are ready to make a purchase. When consumers search for reviews, price comparisons or click on similar content to the products and services you offer, Google Adwords will showcase your business to these in-market audiences. You can connect with these prospective customers through messages that are highly relevant to them and their needs. Deliver the right message, at the right time, to the people who are the most interested in the products and services you offer. Google Adwords used alongside an effective marketing strategy can largely benefit your business, ensuring you remain ahead of your competitors. It is a way for you to increase your business by working smarter, not necessarily harder. If you would like more information about the most effective ways to reach in-market audiences through Google Adwords, or a tailored marketing package to suit your business needs, contact our professional team of experts at Mark 2 Creative on 1300 795 990. We’d love to hear from you!