Time for a website update?

Time for a website update?

Of course, your website will always be an important element of your online presence. With the availability of content management such as WordPress, doing a website update has never been so easy. Nowadays, more than ever before, it also needs to be part of a fast-moving and responsive creative strategy. This is particularly true when you make powerful use of social media - and its unmatched fluidity. The danger is, when moving from, say, Facebook to your website, that the design and content of the latter seem dated and behind the times when compared to the former.

Does your website design match your other marketing actions?

You'll still find many examples on the web where it's obvious that the website itself has been left pretty much alone for a period of time. It appears dated, and might not even be fully-responsive to the different devices now being used to access it. One small, but often telling, piece of evidence: look at the foot of a page and note which year follows the copyright mark. Unless it's 2020 or later, it can appear that little attention has been paid to it!

Is your website content kept up-to-date?

This is another tell-tale sign of a lack of regular attention. At its worst, you can find Christmas offers still prominent in January, or New Year's greetings still shown deep into February. There are many other similar examples you can often spot.

Does your website tie in with your social media content?

Imagine you read a local newspaper and see a specific item on offer at a local store. You make the effort to visit, yet find that it's not available. Frustration! It's no different when a social media post about a product or service includes a link to a generic homepage where the item is not prominent. This is where the use of landing pages, tied to specific detail, can partner up your website instantly with the key social media content.

Making your web layout and content a wow factor

A wow factor excites interest and makes people more likely to become involved and take action. A smart, up-to-date, vibrant and in-the-moment web presence makes the now factor your wow factor! So, if you feel your website isn't where you'd like it to be, contact our Mark 2 Creative team for an obligation-free conversation about it
Image by CyberRabbit via Pixabay