How an updated website design can revive your falling sales
When was the last time your website design was changed? When was an image updated to reflect what you actually sell? Or when did you update your opening hours? If you can’t remember when, we guess that it was too long ago.   Easily one of the most important assets to your business is your website, and neglecting your design will negatively impact on your sales and your Google ranking. In this article, we delve into why your stale website design is harming your revenue, and how to easily fix this now.   What Google wants Search engines, such as Google, are constantly crawling through websites, indexing the site based on its keywords, the number of links incoming from other sources, and how many times the website has been updated. A website that is continually updating will be constantly indexed, giving your website the best opportunity to grow in the rankings.   However, the updates you make need to value your SEO approach, so it is paramount your changes are in line with your overall strategy, and not just because you should. Websites that haven’t been updating are missing this valuable opportunity.   What your customers want Though your website is classically designed, and you have promised yourself the look will never date, the reality is that every customer, potential and returning, have already experienced your design. With a drop off in sales, it is safe to assume your classic design is no longer setting your audience alight. In every market the online competition is extensive, and an outdated website will only set you further behind your competitors.     How to fix it So, what constitutes an update? The good news is that there are many different ways you can update your website design, and these are:   · A complete overhaul – if your entire design hasn’t been updated in over a year, a complete redesign is essential, as most of your content will be out of date · Copy rewriting – refreshing the copy with updated keywords, restructuring titles, and links · Blog additions and rewriting – adding new articles to your blog, or re-working old articles, adding more copy and keywords, and reposting · New pages – adding additional pages to the site, separating content and restructuring your site map. This isn't all it takes to revamp your sales - you need the guidance of a dynamic marketing agency to give you the best advice out there for your website. Why not get in touch with our team today?
Typing by @lattefarsan licensed under Creative Commons 4.0