How does website content impact digital marketing?

website content

How does website content impact digital marketing?

A website is, of course, an integral component of any digital marketing strategy. The success of the site is driven by its website content. That content must be of high-quality. It must also be refreshed and expanded regularly.

New content helps build authority

Search engines seek to identify websites that are regarded by readers to be relevant and authoritative. Thought leaders in their chosen subject area are rewarded by search engines. Search engines measure relevance and authority by site saturation. Each time you update your website with new content, a new page is created and indexed by the search engine. The greater the amount of valuable content you publish, the higher the chances of you being rated as authoritative.

Google dominates

Google is of course the dominant search engine website. Its market share is over 90%. Google has a tremendous influence on how websites are constructed and managed. It is clear to webmasters from a simple observation that the Google algorithm rewards frequent content changes.

New content, new keywords

New content represents an opportunity to present more keywords relevant to a topic. Keywords are weighted heavily by search engine algorithms. Adding new content frequently allows you to customise each new article or blog to contain a targeted group of entirely new keywords that have not yet appeared on the site.

Quality rather than quantity

Fresh content equals fresh indexing by search engines. It does not necessarily equal a higher page ranking. The quality, not quantity, of your content, is key. Prepare content based on what a reader wants, not just around keywords. Meta tags are fine but keep the text natural. Stuffing content with keywords is not a winning strategy. If better content generates greater traffic and engagement (comments, likes, shares), a higher ranking will follow.

Even small content changes help

Even minor changes to an existing article or post such as adding an image or revising the text or subheadings will get noticed by search engines. Comments on the content made by visitors are highly rewarded by their algorithms.

How often is often enough?

Updating content once a day, or at least two to three times a week, is considered good practice.

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