How to improve your website’s SEO
Is your website not ranking highly on search engines? It may be that you are not using search engine optimisation correctly. SEO can provide you with the best possible page ranking, in turn driving more traffic to your website. If you want to learn how to improve your website’s SEO, then keep reading. Use SEO keywords All the content published on your website needs to be top quality. Including relevant keywords frequently throughout your content will improve your search engine optimisation. Firstly, target a specific keyword phrase for the pages on your website, and think about the ways your intended reader may search for this. If they are looking for content on cooking, they may also search for recipes, how to cook, ways to improve cooking etc. If you want to rank for multiple keyword phrases on a search engine, then make sure to make a separate webpage for each phrase. Where you place your keywords is also very important. By adding keywords in the page URL, in the page title, or in heading and subheadings, you can improve your SEO. Updating content regularly Another way to improve your website’s SEO is to post frequently. Search engines favour a relevant website that is updated regularly. Create a schedule for your content and plan ahead, so you know you will never run out of content to post. Using alt tags If you have visual or video media on your website, then you should use alternative text descriptions. This is the text that is provided if an image does not load on a webpage. By using alt tags, search engines are able to easily locate your page, which is important for those who use text-only browsers. Optimise page speed Webpage speed is a factor which affects page ranking. Therefore, slow pages are not only bad for your SEO but bad for your business. Improving your website speed can mean you rank higher on Google and other search engines. To boost your website’s SEO, get in touch with Mark 2 Creative. We are a Sydney based marketing agency with an imaginative and innovative approach. For more information, contact us today.
Image by 742680 via Pixabay