Is your website Covid realistic?

This is a question that does not seem to have yet been fully addressed across a wide range of websites. Yes, you will arrive at many where there is a statement that been added about how the virus is affecting their business and actions they may have taken.

But is the rest of your website design and content unaltered?

Imagine arriving at a restaurant for a meal. Outside is a sign about Covid-19 and how it will affect your experience. Sounds reassuring – until you enter the building and find tables are still too close together, no screens have been erected etc. In other words, the sign was little more than window-dressing!

How might your website need to be more Covid conscious?

The design, and content, might suddenly appear as if it was created for other times, and is now out-of-date in, to coin a phrase: the new normal. Perhaps, psychologically, content might even need to be more spaced out, to match people’s subconscious impressions of how business should be conducted!

It’s also possible that the structure of your products or service content might need to be looked at. People’s priorities have certainly changed – and therefore so might their buying habits. Certain products or services may have either increased or decreased in importance – so it can be important for your website also to find its ‘new normal’.

Equally, the purchase of products and use of services might be for different reasons than previously. Content might need to be rewritten with a different focus, or differently ordered, to address such changed priorities.

Even information regarding delivery processes might need to be amended; as well as content that provides information about opening hours and parking arrangements – and then entrance to your premises – if yours is a business that deals face-to-face with the public.

Have you adopted a different tone of voice?

Again, what has worked in the past might seem to jar with the current public mood. Our team here at Mark 2 Creative appreciate it’s important to be seen as having what are regarded as proper priorities in these very different times.

If you’d like to discuss your changing needs in terms of website design (or branding, social media actions, and many other areas), please contact us now for an obligation-free conversation…