How to re-wow and woo lost prospects in your CRM strategy

You almost clinch it! They shared their contact details, downloaded the eBook, watched the video and perhaps had a few mail exchanges with your team. Unfortunately, the sale did not materialise. It’s probably the most frustrating experience in a business’ lead generation activity. Regardless of the CRM platform you use, the probability of this happening remains.

Your CRM system can shed light on the reasons for the lost lead. But the bigger question is what do you do when you’ve identified the possible causes? In this post, we examine the steps you can take. Armed with the insights your CRM platform can give, you’ll be approaching it from a position of strength.

1. Request for a meeting

Your CRM system is an enabler. It isn’t a substitute for people-to-people interaction, which is still a must in the era of digital marketing. Be it in person or video call, take this opportunity to:

i. Acknowledge the problem you may have identified in the process
ii. Highlight your keenness to understand their problems better

Do not make the attempt to ‘sell’ in this meeting.

2. Share steps or ideas you’ve made since to improve the experience

This may not be with regards to the product or service. Rather, it may be in relation to how the company manages prospects’ enquiries. For example, if the video that was used failed to underscore the uniqueness of your solution, you may have initiated the production of an alternative or use a different media to communicate it. The bottom line is prospects are interested in proactive steps you have taken.

3. Emphasise why you are the solution they need

No, it isn’t a sales pitch. Position your product or service as the solution they need within the context of the problem or challenge they are faced with. It’s an opportunity too to demonstrate to them your in-depth understanding of their circumstance. While it may not lead to a sale, you could be sowing the seeds for it to happen in near the future.

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