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Is your website design both noticeable and navigable?
Imagine you are spending your lunch hour in an art gallery. Some paintings you'll find are barely worth a glance, while others are too complex to be enjoyed. There will be a few, however, that really catch your eye and gain a favourable response, meaning you spend more time having a detailed look at them. Now, change those paintings to website designs, and you'll quickly appreciate that the same kind of responses are often gained.

Ensuring your website design is favourably noticed

Like those paintings, the websites you respond to positively are those which are both attractive and of immediate interest. You can see instantly that they are offering what you are looking for. This might be a product you wish to purchase or a service needed for your home or work life. This is why, for example, specific landing pages are of great value as part of your web presence. These are designed to offer straightforward answers, rather than simply a generic introduction. This needs to be apparent in the strictly limited amount of time you have to gain and hold the attention of any searching potential customer. Otherwise, they'll go elsewhere.

Ensuring your website design is naturally navigable

Back, for a moment, to the gallery. A painting catches your eye, but when you glance at it again, it seems impossible to understand what the artist is trying to say. What was probably obvious in their mind is confusing to you. It can be the same for a prospect trying to navigate their way through a website. The designer and author understand it - from their insider's view of the business. It's vital to make sure that any visitor can easily find the information they require. Where appropriate, options should be clearly highlighted. Then, and crucially, their journey to and through the purchase point must be clearly explained and easily navigable. Should they require help, it needs to be simple for them to, for example, use a chat box to initiate contact. Too many sales are lost through simple exasperation!

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Photo: Free image by Pixabay