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Balancing your company’s branding and its positioning
Imagine a straight horizontal line on a graph. At either end are the two extremes of marketing: mainstream and niche. Somewhere along that line, your business will find its position. However, there are some key questions to ask which will help you to assess the effectiveness (and accuracy) of your position in the market. Here are three key points to consider.

Is your branding and creative strategy too general, or is it overly specific?

In the first scenario, it's possible that potential customers don't have a clear enough focus to appreciate the benefits to be gained from doing business with you. Imagine you had never heard of the company that operates under the 'golden arches'. So, you ask someone about them and get the answer, 'they sell food', which isn't overly helpful. Asking another acquaintance, their answer only describes one specific meal they provide, 'chicken nuggets', which doesn't float your boat either. Neither answer is 'wrong', but neither provides you with a powerful reason to become a McDonald's customer. So, with your business, it's important to find the right place between general and specific to generate the greatest client base you can.

Are you seen as the same-old, same-old, or are you constantly changing?

Again, a balance needs to be struck. Part of your potential marketplace will respond to the constant reassurance of your solid presence. Others will want to know you are moving effectively with the times. Of course, brand images do develop and change over time. Being seen as more effective yesterday than you might be tomorrow isn't a way to continue to be successful. Equally, frequent and instant (over)reaction to every changing trend can also confuse both past and potential customers.

Is your company's voice consistent and recognised?

From the above, you'll recognise the need to strike a balance in your branding and creative strategy. Your aim is to have a consistent, recognisable and welcome voice. Through this, you can marry the proven power behind your business (in your customers' eyes) by plotting a wise path into an ever-changing future. To find out how our experienced and talented Mark 2 Creative team can help with this, please contact us now for an obligation-free conversation.
Photo: Free image by Pixabay