Social Media: Five Unique Ways To Incorporate It Into Your Website Design
Now that social media is such a strong platform for communication and reaching an audience, websites for businesses are starting to take a back seat. While you should definitely embrace these popular platforms, you don’t need to completely disown or do away with your website. Instead, consider using the following techniques to incorporate social media into your web design. Use notification tickers Commonly used across all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin), notification tickers drive customers to become curious about their notifications. You can use these on your website to create further interest from your customers and have them navigate to a certain area of your website as desired. Moving away from popups and using notification tickers instead is becoming more and more popular as a marketing technique. Add Facebook reviews to your website This is a really great way to improve your customer service. If you add a testimonials tab on Facebook, you can ask customers to fill in a short survey based on their experience using your company. You can then share these testimonials on your website so users can easily find out about the quality of your services and your legitimacy as a company. Incorporate social media handles and hashtags within the design What comes to mind when you think about how social media is set apart from other kinds of marketing? One of the first things that springs to mind for most is the use of hashtags and handles. Including handles and hashtags on your website is an especially good idea if your audience is on the younger side. These additions can be subtle and not detract from your overall design while serving a really useful function as a way to engage customers. Design a timeline There is something extremely appealing about social media platforms that utilise a chronological timeline of their content. Sharing this ‘highlight reel’, as we do with our personal social media accounts, is a unique way to engage customers and really pique their interest, leading them to invest in the history of your company or business and become interested in its future, too. Considering adding ‘quizzes’ to your website Sometimes, a website can just feel like a digital version of a flyer. The difference here is that through web design, you can truly engage your customers rather than just provide information at a glance. A great way to really ‘jazz up’ your website is to include quizzes that customers can engage with fully when they visit. This is a really fun way to have your customers experience your company!
smartphone by Witches Falls Cotages licensed under Creative Commons 4.0