Why secure web hosting is the way forward
If you're new to the digital world, you might assume that simply paying for web hosting is enough when it comes to keeping your site secure. Although this is a good starting point, it's often not sufficient. Here's why you need to consider bumping up your security in any way you can: Cybercrime is a real threat For small businesses, being hacked or experiencing a data breach can cause more harm than any number of natural disasters put together, according to Forbes. Many businesses simply won't survive a digital attack, not only because they'll lose money, but because their reputation is often harmed beyond repair. It's difficult for customers to trust a company that didn't keep their sensitive information safe, particularly if they're suffering the consequences. It's not worth risking the reputation and safety of your business, so it's time to take cybersecurity seriously. SSL certificates are the new standard You might have noticed that most reputable websites now begin with https://, which appears alongside a padlock icon. This is particularly relevant for eCommerce websites, but something all businesses should consider adding onto their hosting package. This SSL certificate signals to customers that all the information they're inputting into your site, whether that's card details or their name and address, are secure and protected. If your hosting package doesn't include this, it could well deter customers from using your services. DDOS attacks mean lost profit Although DDOS attacks don't aim to steal data, they will cause you a whole lot of problems when it comes to downtime. Even if your hosting provider promises a good percentage of uptime, they can't make good on their words if you haven't upgraded your plan sufficiently to keep out the attacks. If your servers are going down, customers are going to become frustrated or unable to access your site at all. This means you'll be losing sales and profit in the long term, so it's important to keep your site secure. Secure your hosting today Here at Mark2Creative, we offer web hosting with optional security upgrades. Keep your business safe with an additional firewall or chat with us to learn more about online safety.