5 tips for writing a compelling tagline


Your tagline is just as important to your creative strategy as your business name. Its job is to tell browsers exactly what you do and why you do it. So, make sure yours is clear, concise and compelling. Here are some expert tips to get you started.

What do you do?

A tagline is crucial to digital marketing because it usually comes up in search results, just under your website name. It is often your first chance to tell a prospective customer what your product or service does. What is the essence of your business? If you perform many services or sell many products, what’s the most important one? Brainstorm, then narrow down.

Why do you do it?

Why do you do what you do? More importantly, why should customers spend money on your product or service? What can your business bring to them? Might it make them more relaxed, more efficient, more energetic or more optimistic? Benefits are key to all branding and digital marketing. Yours should be obvious from your tagline.

Where’s the spark?

Once you’ve worked out the what and the why, next up is the fun bit: writing. Ignore your self-critical voice and let loose brainstorming. Jot down as many ideas, keywords and possibilities as you can. Then, start pulling them together to form phrases. A tagline should be clear, but it should also sound good. Go for pithy and witty, rather than dry and dull.

Don’t overcomplicate

One of the main enemies of effective writing is over-complication. Your tagline is just a few words. It can’t do everything. If it gets too long or convoluted, remind yourself to communicate two ideas only: the what and the why. Cut out anything that isn’t essential.

Test it out

Before settling on one tagline, narrow your efforts down to a shortlist. Ask friends, family members and colleagues to read each tagline, explain what it means and how it makes them feel. Is the tagline easy to read? Is the what and the why clear? Would it stand out among similar taglines? Would it compel someone to visit your website?

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(computer-office-analysis by SandCrestSEO licensed under Creative commons 4)