Aren’t branding and creative strategies the same thing?

This is a question our Mark 2 Creative team have been asked from time to time. Occasionally, the terms can seem to be used interchangeably, but each undertakes a separate and vital function in the overall scheme of things. Let’s start with branding.

Branding: how you want people to see your company, product or service

This takes your product as it stands and assesses how it is currently seen by potential users of the product (or your service or business). Branding, or to some degree rebranding, is about establishing and maintaining a clear and positive identity. This might involve considering how a product or service is being used (which may have changed over time) or is viewed in a fluid marketplace. Equally, the demographic of potential users might be in a state of flux.

Finally, it’s essential to appreciate that your ‘brand’ doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You might also want to consider how it stands compared to other potential choices – the companies or products which have been identified as a competitor to you.

By carefully considering such factors, it’s possible to craft a pathway that your brand must travel down – in the eyes of those potential customers – to improve your sales and reach. For established brands, it’s also about maintaining this position while incrementally adding to it where possible.

Creative strategy: the journey to take

We use terms such as ‘journey’ or ‘pathway’ because the creative strategy is a process that involves taking a series of steps to get your brand image to exactly where you want it to be, as just discussed.

Using a wide range of avenues, and communication options and strategies, from website design and social media to search engine marketing and lead generation actions, the creative strategy maps out and then undertakes that vital journey.

How can we help with this process?

Without an effective combination of careful branding and then detailed creative strategy actions, it’s so difficult to reach the position many businesses wish to achieve.

Our Mark 2 Creative team can guide you throughout this journey. For an obligation-free discussion about where you currently are, and where you’d like to be, please contact us today.