Targeted landing pages and social media posts – what you need to know

With so many different ways to promote your business, in this case through your website design and social media postings, it’s important to build synergy where possible between the different actions you take. The word itself indicates an outcome that is greater than each of its individual parts. It can suggest the effective coming together of different areas of your marketing or promotional work.

Pairing social media actions to your website destination

Imagine you have a catalogue in front of you and you are searching for a specific product. Rather than simply flip through pages at random, you are likely to check the index and then head to the specific page where you’ll find what you want, which is a sensible course of action.

How might this be adapted to your social media activities? The simple answer is to create a landing page on your website that ties in specifically with the subject of your social media posting.

If you’re posting on Twitter or Facebook and aim to bring potential customers to your website, in such circumstances, the link from one to the other might simply take the visitor to a homepage or one covering a wide category of products. But this can reduce, or even end, their interest.

Tightening the target

By creating a landing page that is relevant to the specific information contained in the social media post, you are taking potential customers further along the road to action. Rather than expecting them to navigate through your website from a general starting point, the interest they have shown by clicking through from social media can instantly be acted upon and heightened.

Not only can this gain a sale from that specific individual, but they can also share the experience with others in their online world. This is likely to be in a positive way, encouraging friends, family members or colleagues to take the same action that they just have.

How can we help target your social media?

The use of landing pages is just one of many ways our professional and dedicated Mark 2 Creative team can help develop your social media presence and other marketing actions to gain the best possible response. For an obligation-free discussion covering your needs, contact us today.