How to improve your CRM’s capabilities to generate leads
Most CRM systems are able to automate lead generation activities. Having said that, it still requires some work on your end as the system only automates the process. In this post, we highlight typical lead generation problems and how you can solve them. A small budget This is a common problem for small businesses. You don't have the large marketing budgets of bigger businesses, so it’s critical you deploy strategies and tactics that generate higher returns on your investment. One of these is inbound marketing. While it is not necessarily cheap, it is backed by plenty of solutions that can be enforced without draining your budget. For example, a commonly used tactic is to produce eBooks. A single eBook can be divided into multiple blog articles, and every blog is an opportunity to present prospects with a call-to-action.  Absence of social proof The internet today is the preferred platform for customers to purchase goods and services. However, it comes with many possible consequences such as fraud and scams. What they seek is validation to reassure them their purchases are sound. There are many ways to ease their anxieties using social proof methods. From case studies, testimonials or having a presence on social media via influencers, they can allay prospects' negative vibes. Unqualified leads that lead to nowhere It gives you a strong sense of gratification when you are able to produce leads, but it can be a desolation when these leads can’t be converted into sales. It’s a classic quantity versus quality play. But what are unqualified leads? Essentially, they are prospects that do not tick the boxes you have of your ideal target audience. They may have an interest in what you’ve put out but they may not be at the right stage of the buyers’ journey nor have the means to purchase your goods or services. To this end, it is important for you to have a clear definition of your target audience before you embark on a campaign.  Ready to convert more leads? Get in touch with us at Mark 2 Creative today!
Image by adamr via Pixabay