How to launch on social media: the basics every business needs

No matter what stage your social media presence is at, launching your social media identity the right way is critical. Every small business establishing themselves online experiences certain expectations of their social media, and this includes post frequency, type of content shared, and the platforms they specifically choose for their presence. We share with you everything you need to about getting started on social media, outlining the essentials every business can’t be without, and how to get the most from your initial launch.

Know who you want to reach and why

Jumping into social media shouldn’t be taken lightly; despite every piece of business marketing advice telling you that you need social media, and now, you shouldn’t get online until you know why. The ‘why’ we talk about refers to the objective of being online, why your business wants explicitly to reach out to the community, and what you ultimately want to achieve. To better meet this goal, setting yourself measurable and realistic targets will help you reach social media success.

Utilise social media platforms best for your business

Which platform is right for you? The answer isn’t so simple, as every social media platform targets different users, content producers and business types. Deciding on the best platform for your small business should be determined by what you’re most likely to maintain, what features will best support your business, and the platform most likely to find your ideal customer. Understanding who your target audience is will help best with this decision, as this profile of your customer will guide you to the right platforms from the beginning.

Choose your marketing ‘staff’

Deciding who will run your social media presence is essential in the beginning. There are numerous tasks associated with running any account; these include the finesse of profile creation, down to posting content and responding to follower comments. It’s essential to allocate one person in your business who is responsible for the accounts, even if you’ve outsourced your posting and content creation. Just like any other part of your business, your social media requires consistency and reliable management, and this doesn’t work if everyone is involved in everyday management.

Develop a social media schedule

A social media schedule is vital for every launching social media channel, especially for small businesses with tight timelines. Your calendar will keep you accountable to your social media activity, ensuring you have content regularly, thereby not disappointing your supporters. Though you will want to mix up the schedule to find the right posting time, consistency will make it easy to build a following.

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