How to nurture a brand identity with the competitive edge
A brand identity with the competitive edge stays in the hearts and minds of customers. It stands the test of time and changes that may happen in the sociomarketing environment. While most businesses are willing to invest in creating their brand, few make the effort to nurture it. In this article, we share best practices you can apply to nurture a winning brand identity. The size of your business is irrelevant in making them work. All you need is patience and commitment. 1. Stay single-minded in your brand story In branding, consistency is everything. For this reason, the world's leading brands spend significantly in identifying and developing a brand story that resonates well with their target audience. Your brand story embeds the vision, mission and values your brand represents. They are in turn communicated by your brand identity. Inevitably, if your story keeps changing, so will your brand identity. Sending mixed and confusing signals to the market make it difficult for prospects to build a relationship with your brand. 2. Be sensitive to changes in the sociomarketing environment Change is the only constant in life and business. For example, instead of going head-on against the likes of Ubereats, McDonald's chose to embrace it and drop their McDelivery service. But at your doorstep is the same Big Mac you've always known. In nurturing your brand identity, you will need to adopt and adapt to changes in the sociomarketing environment. At first glance, this may appear to be in conflict with the argument for consistency raised in Point 1. In actual fact, it doesn't. McDonald's is committed to delivering the best burgers. In embracing the Ubereats trend, it is adapting itself into the lives of a vast majority of its target audience today. 3. Stay emotionally connected While making data-centric decisions is a sound practice, it can cloud the emotional dimension of decision making. Be mindful of the emotional connections your brand identity has helped build when acting on data. A sound and strong brand identity is an asset. Connect with us to learn how you can build one for your brand.
Big Mac crossing by zak mc licensed under Creative Commons 4.0