Can backlinking give you an SEO boost?
In the digital era, companies with a presence online will know just how important a page ranking can be. After all, if potential customers can't see you, how are they going to know about your products and services? There are many different elements which are understood to impact SEO. You may have implemented a keyword strategy across your website, and increased the volume of relevant content on your platform by creating and posting blogs. But have you thought about backlinking? In this blog, we discuss backlinking strategy, and offer some advice on how it works. Securing 'golden' links There are ways in which we can 'Google optimise' a website, but many integrated SEO campaigns also include backlinking. Backlinking is essentially the practice of securing links to pages on your website from other high domain sites, which are well respected by Google. These could be high ranking consumer sites, social media channels, or newspapers' and magazines' digital platforms. Think of achieving these links as almost an SEO version of the human influencers who can hold sway over consumers. How to go about it So how do you set about achieving these links? One vital implement in a backlinking tool kit can be a good contact list - of journalists, other content providers and site admins. These are ultimately the people who will decide whether or not to include a link on their site. Don't have a contact list or any partners? It is time to invest in one, or build one yourself! Sealing the deal 'Why should someone include my link on their site?' That's a question you should be asking yourself. You might supply exclusive information or content to a journalist, on the agreement they include a link somewhere in the copy. You could seek to find a high domain site selling backlinks and content space for a fair price. Or there is the opportunity to build reciprocal partnerships which involve you offering links on your own site, for a backlink on someone else's. Is backlinking essential for SEO? Backlinking can involve a complex, carefully considered strategy, and require patience. It should certainly not be seen as a 'quick fix' for an SEO boost by any means. But used in tandem with other proven SEO actions, it has the ability to increase your search engine presence significantly.