What is Vero and should you bother using it?

vero social platform

With so many social platforms already available to businesses, many have been asking the same questions over the last couple of weeks: What is Vero? Why are so many people taking up the platform? What’s in it for my business? And should I even bother?

Managing multiple platforms can be time consuming, so it is important not to spread yourself too thin when it comes to social media. However, it is also important that your digital marketing strategy stays ahead of the game when new technology appears. We have gathered all the information you need to help you decide if Vero is right for your brand.

What is it?

Vero is a social app similar to Instagram focused on sharing photos and videos. The difference? Vero promises that it will never use annoying algorithms to order posts, and it will never have ads. The bold promise has social media users very excited, with the app currently trending in the Apple Store. Vero say that they will be able to keep the app ad free by eventually moving to a paid subscription service, and by taking a percentage of sales generated through the app. A complete reduction in ads may ring alarm bells for businesses who will be forced to reinterpret their brand for a purely social platform.

Should you use it?

According to most business analysts, it is still too early to tell how successful Vero will be. Many are wary of the technological glitches that have been rife since the app exploded in popularity. In addition, the subscription model has not worked for any other platform, and Paul Armstrong of Forbes states that: “Advertising is a necessary evil and without it – even with a firm subscription model – anything is unlikely to do anything other than burn money.”

At the moment, Vero is free, so there is no harm in setting up a profile and testing the waters to see whether your brand can gain traction. However, Vero has an audience very similar to Instagram, but with far fewer users, so it might be better to conserve your energy, and hold off a little longer and see if the app has staying power beyond the initial excitement.

(smartphone by Sole Treadmill licensed under Creative commons 4)