Are you simplifying your customers’ online journey?
Would you like to go on a mystery trip? You board a bus, or even a plane, yet have no idea of the destination until you arrive. Some people might consider this a fun way to spend a few hours; but just as many might either be turned off by the idea or not approve of the chosen location on arrival. Others might be frustrated by the concept; being eager to arrive after a routine journey and settle at the place they fully expect to be.

When taking an online journey

The principles of the above situation can easily be applied to people who are undertaking web searches. Sometimes it is a fairly casual experience, simply spending some free time on a random online journey. Mostly though, searches are undertaken for a clear reason and with a specific purpose to be achieved. Yet, on reach a 'destination', as in the journey mentioned earlier, many can be frustrated because they are not exactly where they want to be. For example: reaching a fairly generic homepage despite entering detailed search parameters. Arrivals are then meant to make an effort to complete the journey themselves. It's equally likely that they will simply click back to their original search and try elsewhere.

Welcoming new arrivals

This is why carefully crafted landing pages can be such an important element in the success of any company or organisation. Designed to instantly, clearly and specifically address key search criteria, those clicking through feel welcome, having reached the destination they asked for. Such landing pages can be targeted to geographical areas, or to meet specific needs, allay identified fears, match to key benefits, talk to defined age groups - and are often a combination of such reasons. The visitor can fully relax into such websites, knowing they are in the right place, making them much more likely to continue their journey further into your web presence.

Why do visitors arrive at you?

Taking the time to identify the key reasons for potential customers initiating a search, and then matching these to expertly crafted and SEO optimised landing pages, will help your business to maximise its web presence. To find out more about the power and value of landing pages, please contact our experienced team here at Mark 2 Creative.
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