How does content marketing work?

content marketing

Content marketing uses editorial, video, graphics and imagery to inform and engage the potential customer. Instead of pushing adverts at these people it seeks to engage them by being useful and helpful to them. Whether you are a small business or large corporation you can benefit from content or inbound marketing. Here we explore how this form of digital marketing can help you.

How content marketing works for SEO

Content marketing allows you to create quality information around a set of unique keywords that are linked back to your website. Potential customers who are reading the content can then click through to find out more and be served with your product or service. This will help the traffic to flow but it will also help to improve your search engine optimisation and the resultant ranking that you receive. By creating content marketing you can increase the likelihood that customers will be able to find you through organic search.

How content marketing builds trust

Trust is a hugely important element in the relationship between any seller and their customers, so building trust is important. Content marketing can help you to do this by allowing you to demonstrate your expertise. A well written and informative article will give the customer confidence that you know your stuff and can provide a high quality product or service to them. With this trust built you will then be more likely to secure a sale to this client and to generate repeat business.

How content marketing can generate leads

Content marketing can be used to generate leads that you can later follow up on. Instead of using a model that encourages people to read your article and then buy, you should instead use a model that encourages them to read the article and then give you their email address in exchange for more free information. While you may lose the person at the point of promoting a product to them, you will be likely to generate a solid lead if you can capture their details. Using inbound marketing for email capture in this manner can be very helpful in generating leads.

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