Webhosting: everything you need to know about complete solutions


Webhosting: everything you need to know about complete solutions

Your business website is much more than just somewhere to list your products or services. When leveraged effectively, your webhosting is a powerful tool for attracting and engaging with your community. Your website should also be just as user friendly for you to use as it is for your customers.

Website and email hosting

Webhosting is what allows your website to remain live and usable online. It may sound simple, but without a reliable web host, you could experience a site with slow loading times, broken links, pages that don’t display or a website that doesn’t display at all. The riskiest part of a website host which allows any of these things to happen is that you won’t know about them until a concerned user alerts you to the problem. Just think about all the people you will have lost who simply clicked away from your poorly performing site!

Email hosting can be managed independently of your website, but a complete solution may offer benefits for your business. Having your email and website hosted by the same company allows you to have a branded email address, so you look more professional and cohesive. Email hosting also provides you with a more secure inbox and allows you to log in to your emails anywhere. Prompt and efficient email management is the linchpin in any business, and it makes sense to have one port of call for your online needs.

Do you need application hosting?

Unlike the necessities of email and website hosting, you may not have considered application hosting, but it can be an effective way to integrate the management of your business’ online systems. It is also useful to have application hosting as part of your website and email hosting package for an affordable and easily managed solution. For example, application hosting could include analytics hosting, which will track the way your community is using your website, and allow for real-time updates and improvements based on this data.

Hosting a blog application is an ideal way to engage with your audience, allowing for sharing and comments to help grow your online reach. Hosting a calendar through your website could be useful for integrating your team member schedules, or even helping with event planning enquiries from customers.

A content management system or customer relations system can allow your business to communicate with email newsletters and targeted marketing messages based on how people are browsing and purchasing your products.

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