What’s the go with SMO?

What’s the Go With SMO?

smo-articleSocial Media Optimisation (SMO) not to be confused with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about the effective use of social media outlets and communities to further extend awareness of your brand, product, or event.

Yes, it’s one more thing to think about in the ever expanding world of web-based marketing. Although it is important, SMO isn’t just about building a bigger social media presence for your brand.

In the dog eat dog world of search engine ranking, SMO is becoming an essential tool. Search engines are still increasingly utilising the recommendations of users of social networks such as FacebookTwitterLinkedInFoursquareMySpace,  and Google + (don’t worry if these are a bit passe, they still have users and they still rate) to rank websites in the search engine results pages. SMO leads to improved search engine optimisation as major search engines count links as if they were votes for your site. This means  Social Network activity contributes to your online presence which in turn improves SEO. Social Media participation (if done effectively) can also lead to increased traffic to your website.

There are many ways you can build a strong social network presence and leverage off the presence of others and it is becoming increasingly important that you do so. Naturally Mark 2 Creative can help you weave your way through the maze to maximum effect.

One beginner’s SMO tool we can recommend is Hootsuite, a great way to manage your social networks and measure your web marketing results. Hootsuite is a social media management system that allows you to execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure web-based dashboard. Social media offers ever expanding marketing opportunities. It offers a remarkable opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience because if you can appeal to a given person, their friends are statistically more likely to be interested in the same thing. Good content is the hardest part of social media marketing. Developing good content is one of the most valuable resources for effective SMO strategies (we will talk more about social media in an upcoming post). For this and the reasons we have outlined, having a strategy for networking your website and your content is essential. Mark 2 Creative consults on a range of SMO and SEO marketing and we’re ready to help you put your winning strategies together.

Mark Buckingham is a partner with Mark 2 Creative; a dynamic Sydney based integrated marketing agency. They are experts in branding and digital delivery, and are able to seamlessly merge the two disciplines together to deliver cutting edge solutions that set them apart from the competition. their imaginative and innovative approach provides clients with a real presence in their marketplace that gives them exactly what they need from their marketing – more business.

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