Why these 3 metrics matter in your inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing is the most effective digital marketing strategy for small-medium sized businesses. It ticks the boxes of growth-centric digital marketing: providing value to prospects and customers, mirroring the buyers’ journey, creating and nurturing databases, and seamlessly transitioning from marketing qualified leads to closing sales. However, unless you know how to measure the success of your inbound marketing, it probably doesn’t matter whether you have it in your playbook or not. With that in mind, let’s examine the three metrics that matter most in your inbound marketing.

1. How well are you converting?

This is more commonly known as conversion rates. Unless conversion is achieved, which it should, your inbound marketing is deemed a failure. But achieving conversion alone isn’t good enough. More importantly, you should be tracking the conversion rate. This metric may differ between businesses and industries. If you’re in eCommerce, it could be sales; if you’re a B2B business, it could be downloads of your eBook. Essentially, the conversion rate measures whether your inbound campaign triggers action by visitors.

2. Is there an increase in your website traffic?

All roads must lead to Rome – that is, your website. It’s your virtual store. It’s here that prospects get to know your business better. To this end, your inbound marketing campaign must lead them to your website. It must have aroused their curiosity and interest in your business. Therefore, a successful inbound marketing campaign should see a jump in the number of unique views. It’s the start of growing your future customer base.

3. Are prospects engaging with you?

As mentioned earlier, if you’ve got good content, you’re good to go with your inbound marketing. But do prospects share a similar view of your content? Are they downloading it? Are they sharing it? Are they taking any action? These are important measures that determine the value of your content. When your content travels, your reach grows as well.

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