4 winner traits of brands in the eCommerce race

By 2021, the value of eCommerce in Australia is expected to be $35.2bn. However, revenue growth will supposedly drop to 7.4% too. This highlights eCommerce’s competitiveness. To thrive, brands must have a branding strategy that complements their digital marketing strategy. Here, we highlight the 4 pillars of branding in the digital age.

1. A great story sells

If a picture paints a thousand words, a great story connects a million hearts. Storytelling is an effective way of sharing your brand vision, mission and values. From Airbnb, Uber to IDEO, weaving a story into your digital brand is key to standing out in a crowded eCommerce marketplace.

2. 24/7

The digital consumer shops 24/7/365. In digital marketing, seeing messages like “We are closed now” or “We’ll get back to you shortly” hampers a potential sale. Chatbots can overcome this. But there are other ways of interacting with consumers 24/7. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines uses Twitter to keep customers up to date with all matters pertaining to the brand.

3. Community-centricity

The concept of tribes in marketing is not new. It is human to want to feel belonged. Today, marketing is seeing the resurgence of this concept, albeit, labeled differently – consumer-centricity. Inbound marketing, for example, is all about giving value to consumers and prospects even before they make their first purchase. It’s a way of creating a community of believers in the brand’s vision, mission and values. Over time, this will hopefully translate into a sale.

4. Be a resource

In line with the above, brands that are a repository of knowledge, advice, trends, tips and tricks are more sticky. Lowes’ fix-in-six campaign is a good example of this. It keeps customers coming back to your brand, even if they are not in buying mode, which makes your brand salient.

According to Statista and Australia Post, 1 in 10 items will be bought online by 2020. But it will not necessarily be an easy sell for all brands. You need to have a rock-solid digital branding strategy to be one of the ten. Speak to us to learn how you can be that one.

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