What makes for an effective inbound marketing campaign?

Inbound marketing has grown popular in recent years. Businesses are using it to harvest a pool of qualified leads to elevate the rate of conversion. Question is, what makes for an effective inbound marketing campaign? The most effective inbound marketing campaigns comprise 6 steps. Let’s look at them here.

1. Research

Undertaking market research to pin down the pain points of the target audience is the first step. Insights generated will help you develop the solution and craft messages that will resonate well with them.

2. Define goals that align inbound marketing and sales

The next step is to establish the goals of the campaign. Setting goals aren’t difficult for many. The challenge is to align marketing and sales. To this end, ensure the goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

3. An irresistible offer

In exchange for contact details of the prospect, you’ll need to offer them invaluable information and knowledge. Whether an eBook or videos, the content must make a positive impact on their lives or business. It’s also an opportunity for you to demonstrate your authority in the field.

4. A well-designed landing page

Imagine this to be your store-front to draw customers in. A landing page performs the same task. Both the aesthetics as well as copy must be attention-grabbing. A clear CTA is important too.

5. Content in context

Great content always has a context. For example, your research shows prospects are keen to understand the role of corporate responsibility in brand building. Hence, your content will be driven towards this end instead of generic topics or issues.

6. Start the conversation, nurture the relationship

Once a prospect has reached out to you, start the conversation to nurture the relationship. This is also called conversational marketing. Every follow-up email you send builds on the value you’ve provided in the initial offer.

Digital marketing has created more avenues for businesses to reach their target audience. But you need to approach it in a very methodical way. For example, inbound marketing works well when the steps discussed are followed. Connect with us to learn more about it.