6 questions to ask when creating social media content

The aims of social media content should include being relatable, useful and shareable. To achieve these outcomes, here are some simple questions to ask about your products or services before creating specific content…

Why do people want to own or use it?

Like the other questions which follow, the key is to see the content from the reader’s point of view. This question, therefore, is clearly not: why do I want to sell it? For example, a stock clearance need is a seller’s priority; but not a reason for anyone to buy an item they simply don’t want!

How do people want to own or use it?

People are often quirky and individualistic. Their reasons for using a service, or buying a product, may not simply be those it was created for. The more you can appreciate their actions, the closer you can then tailor social media content to talk directly to their needs, desires or aspirations.

When do they want to think or talk about it?

If you were selling goods or services relevant to a specific event or date, then you’d want to know when your readers are ready to start considering it. This may be a short – or even a considerable – period before the actual purchasing decision is reached.

What might stop them buying it?

Obviously, price compared to value might be a key consideration. Knowledge of a product, or the perceived reputation of the service provider, might also enter their thoughts.

What might stop them using it?

This is a slightly different question from the previous one. A potential customer might appreciate the value, have a positive association with a brand name, but still be unsure how effectively the purchase would then work in their own situation. Again, gaining an understanding of a potential purchaser’s mindset can help craft seriously effective social media content.

What are the experiences of others?

Accessing social media allows those customers to analyse the positive and negative comments of others – and how they have been responded to by the business making the original posts. Any residue from this might need to be dealt with in present and future posts.

Now, one extra, important, question…

How can we help with your social media needs?

Understanding the answers to questions such as these helps to effectively target social media content towards building a responsive and growing community of customers. This can then be reached though social media posts, blogs and the like. To talk about how this could work effectively for your business, please contact our Mark2 team now.