How to adapt your marketing strategy for 2020

2020 has so far been a pretty unique year, and it calls for a very different marketing strategy than ever before. Things are changing quickly, people are in different situations and may need different things from your business, but if you can successfully adapt, then you will put yourself and your business in a great position for 2021 and beyond!

1. Use social media marketing

As opposed to television, radio, billboard, magazine, or any other type of advertising that requires your add to remain for a certain period. The messaging you want to put out today might be quite different from tomorrow, and it might be quite different between regions. Social media marketing gives you unparalleled flexibility, and social media posts and ads are also generally much quicker to produce, as well as much cheaper. This means you can be proactive in the market, and make sure everything people see from you is relevant.

2. Focus on helping rather than selling

There is an old piece of marketing advice: “people love to buy but they hate to be sold to”, and that has never been truer than right now. A lot of people are going through hardships and changes in their lives, and the very best thing you can do is let them know that you can be helpful. That could come in the form of helpful content, programs or discounts, or just an offer that is not a sales pitch. Focus on the help that you can provide to your target market instead of selling, and you will build brand loyalty, which will translate into sales.

3. Make brand recognition your goal

Depending on your business, you may be in a position where your sales have gone down, or you are less able to operate right now, and if that is the case, advertising can still be very valuable for your business. Building your social following, your email marketing list, and your brand recognition is a long-term strategy that will help greatly in rebuilding your sales when the time is right, and to come back stronger than ever.

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