Digital marketing trends for 2022
The world of digital marketing is a constantly shifting and evolving beast. There are new platforms, algorithm changes, technologies and consumer behaviours to consider. With 2022 upon us, we look at the leading digital marketing trends that are likely to impact us this year.

Email will be the most important channel

With all of the new social media platforms, Pay Per Click (PPC) and paid advertising avenues available, it can sometimes be easy to forget about the humble email. A recent State of Email report showed that 91 per cent of businesses believe email marketing is critical to their business - up 20 points since 2019. Over 40 per cent of businesses surveyed plan to increase their marketing spend on email in 2022 as well.

Facebook may lose its social media dominance

Every year there are predictions of Facebook's demise that never come to pass. But with Facebook changing its identity to Meta and questions over whether Mark Zuckerberg will remain at the helm, the door could crack open in 2022 for new social media platforms to take a bigger slice of the market pie.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a greater influence on SEO

Google and other search engines are likely to further lean into AI technologies to improve the user experience. This will influence your organic page ranking through SEO and search engine marketing creative strategies. Those looking for improved lead generation numbers will need to understand these algorithm changes and how to improve the user experience to boost their SEO in their website design and content.

Changes in consumer behaviour

The shift away from computers and laptops to search the internet and toward mobile devices will continue, with the majority of all consumers looking for their products and brands using a smartphone or tablet. Another factor to consider here is the rise of voice searches. People speak differently to how they type, so keywords associated with voice searches will need to be considered in every successful SEO strategy. Finally user intent will become more important in search engine results pages (SERPS). Google is focusing more heavily on secondary keywords to get an overall view of the user’s intent so the best digital marketing strategies will include primary and secondary keywords.
Image by hkama via Pixabay