Understanding the role social media plays in customer service today
Customer service via social media is becoming an increasingly important area. Gartner, a technology research and consultation organisation in the US, has recently suggested that, by next year, well over half of customer service requests will be dealt with through social media. Think of some of the frustrations that customers have when trying to contact a company. How about being on hold for long periods of time while being told 'Your call is important to us'! Or having to deal with several minutes of multiple-choice options, before then... well, refer back to the previous sentence!

Social media is transparent

As soon as a customer posts on a company's social media page, it's there for all to see. Others can also assess how swiftly and effectively the company responds to the message. If others post similar messages, then the scale of the problem quickly becomes obvious. Sadly, some businesses or organisations may shy away from making effective use of social media for this reason!

Social media is a business's friend!

Forward-thinking companies make powerful use of social media interactions. Answering a question for one potential customer delivers this information to others. Many might have had similar thoughts but just haven't posted them! Solving a problem or complaint in response to one customer helps to solve it for others too. Research has shown, for many years now, that vast numbers of people don't complain. They simply take their custom elsewhere! The above are reactive uses of social media, but postings can also be proactive. This occurs when a company makes helpful suggestions using its products or services. Questions can be asked, surveys undertaken, and news and other information passed on. All of these uses can help build a positive social media image. This is vital because, nowadays, personal interaction with a business is generally declining. The online evidence may be all there is to persuade potential customers!

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Image by BiljaST via Pixabay