Four valuable questions to ask about your website
When your website was first created, it may well have displayed excellent website design actions. The content may have been vibrant and to the point. Over time, however, many business websites can be neglected as other priorities take hold. If your website has been in situ for a fair period of time, it might be an idea to give it some scrutiny. For example, here are four useful questions worth considering...

Does every page have its own objective?

You know what the overall goals are for your web presence. However, have you set specific goals for each page - and then assessed how effectively these are achieved? Examples can range from encouraging a buying decision and taking that action; having the person visiting the page contact you; or the provision of key information or stimulating interest through a blog. Checking that each page meets its objective keeps your whole website relevant.

Is your website content checked and approved

A generation ago, when a business sent out a letter, it would often be dictated by one person, typed up by another, and then checked by the first before signature. Business usually works more swiftly these days! This can mean one person will often post directly to the website. Errors can be made - and not spotted. It still pays to have a process to check the style, standard, and relevance of all posted content.

Does your design, layout and content work well together?

When a visitor clicks through to your website, they do so for a purpose. Does the layout of your site, the style of each page, and the way the content is presented make this a pleasant, easy-to-follow experience for them? The aim is to achieve the purpose, and this is more easily accomplished if the website is also attractive to the eye.

Have you removed outdated or under-performing content?

Obvious examples where this hasn't occurred might find you still being wished a Happy New Year in February or Happy Valentine's Day in March! Less obvious can be content that hasn't been updated when processes change, or new information that renders previously-accurate content of less value. Web visitors will notice, and can unfavourably judge a business from this.

We can help!

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