How to boost your brand identity
Your brand’s identity is a major marketing point. It can be the very thing that can help you to connect with consumers, drawing them in so that you can create a relationship. It can also be a unique selling point that can help your brand stand out from competitors, so it’s worthwhile to invest in and cultivate. At Mark 2 Creative, we believe in its importance, so much so that we decided to craft this blog on fun ways in which you can boost your brand’s identity.


By placing your product inside bold and unique packing, you’re strengthening your brand’s identity. Bespoke packaging will ensure that customers will be able to see your products on shelves from afar and know that it’s your brand. It’s an eyecatching way in which you can separate yourself from the competition. However, this marketing technique does much more for your brand than heighten your packaging aesthetic. It also helps convey a sense of quality to customers, as original packaging presents your products as refreshingly new and high-quality.

Bright logos

Another great way in which you can maximise your brand’s identity is by incorporating bright colours or unique shapes into your logo. This is to make your brand distinguishable from others and create a lasting impression. Memorable logos ensure consumers can recall your brand just by remembering your logo and therefore is a way for your brand to advertise subconsciously. After all, who remembers a brand with a dull or boring logo?

Create a selling point

One way in which to boost your brand’s identity is to create a selling point, and then really utilise this point in all of your marketing materials. Find a USP that creates a connection between you and customers that can stimulate a loyal client relationship. For example, your brand may be sustainable, which – if you market this right – can attract environmentally concerned customers to your brand. For more information on fun ways in which you can boost your brand’s identity, feel free to contact our team at Mark 2 Creative.