Has social media left your website behind?

Many businesses have a priority of making sure that their social media presence is as effective as it can be. At the same time, there can be a danger that their website becomes slightly neglected. It’s true that Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and the like are information sources of the moment. Each needs to be vibrant and active to keep the interest of both current and potential customers.

Usually, you will provide a link from there to your website. You expect that visitors will find what they need and then be keen to work their way through the buying process. But, when they arrive at your site, might it appear a bit drab? If you were home-hunting, imagine inspecting a modern, light, clean and airy apartment and then a house that seems musty and little changed since it was built in the 1950s!

Keeping your website fresh and connected

It’s important to freshen up your content. When potential customers then visit from time to time, they don’t feel they are simply seeing the same-old, same-old. It’s too easy to discover websites which show a lack of regular care by still offering New Year wishes in February, are promoting Valentine’s Day in March, or are showing sale items or special offers well past their expiry date!

If you don’t have a regularly-updated blog, then this is an addition that draws repeated interest. It can easily be tied to content posted on your social media locations.

Show a modern face

Many business websites were created in the days before tablets and mobile phones were the most-used ways to access information. These were perfectly adequate when viewed on such devices, but struggle to be of much value when accessed through the more modern options. It’s vital, therefore, to make sure that your site is ready to impress no matter how it is accessed.

Key in this process is to make sure that your website is part of a partnership with your social media sites. Moving from one to another, there should be a consistency of appearance. Viewed together they should build a seamless picture of your business.

How ‘of today’ is your website?

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