Here are 6 common mistakes you want to avoid when designing your website
No matter whether you’re in the process of designing a new website, or if you already have an existing website, avoiding making the same mistakes that many others do is vital. With that in mind, here’s a list of six common mistakes that many people make when designing a website. Not planning This may seem obvious, but many people don’t spend enough time planning the details of their website; what should it look like, who is the target audience, what will appeal to them, how will the website be launched and then subsequently promoted, and how will the website evolve over time? Not getting to the point Long pages with lots of text can require too much concentration for a reader, and you simply won’t be able to hold their attention; so don’t assume that the pages of your website must be long to be effective. Say what you want to as efficiently as possible. Not being unique Simply promoting a product or service on your website won’t make you stand out from the competition. Injecting some of your personality into your website will ensure that your site contains something unique to set you apart from your competitors. Not making your call to action clear Now that a visitor has found your site, it’s critical that your website contains a clear call to action. By clearly guiding a reader in the direction of what you want them to do next, whether that be to call you or contact you for a brochure, you’ll increase your chances of a reader engaging with you, and consequently making a sale. Not ensuring your website is suitable for all devices Many people are permanently glued to their smartphones or tablets these days, and therefore it’s vital that you ensure your website is compatible for all devices; tablets, smartphones and desktops. Your website will effectively be useless if it looks great on smartphones but isn’t suitable for viewing on tablets or desktops, and vice versa. Not taking SEO into consideration Although your website may look fantastic, if you haven’t allowed for search engine optimisation in your design, your website will more than likely become lost in the thousands of others just like it on the internet because it will simply be too hard to find. If you’re not an SEO expert, it’s best left to a professional to ensure that your website is easily discoverable. You can avoid these common mistakes by simply contacting a professional in website design who has the expertise to guarantee your website’s success. Mark 2 Creative are the experts you can rely on who specialise in website design, logo design and creative strategy. With the knowledge and expertise to help your business, contact Mark 2 Creative to have a chat about your website requirements.