How CRM strategies can make your business competitive

As a small business, every customer matters. They contribute to the business’ growth in many ways. From using the product or service, making repeat purchases to referring your company to others, their worth to the business extends beyond the value shown in the invoices or receipts. Yet, not many small businesses have CRM strategies to enshrine the systematic management of existing customers. In this post, we outline the benefits of having a good CRM strategy.

1. Make every customer feel valuable

In the busy-ness of growing the business, you might overlook the task of nurturing customers. It’s not an easy task. A simple thank you or the occasional “How’re you doing?” may not be sufficient when they are spoilt for choice. To add, if you’re a B2B business, there’s possibly more than one person you’re dealing with on the client-side. They are important dates, preferences or specifications to remember. Without the help of a system to store and automate the retrieval of this information, it can be difficult to execute best practices in customer management. Here’s where a CRM system is useful.

2. Customer data

As your relationship with your customers grows deeper, so will the amount of data you have about them. As well as storing this increasing amount of data efficiently, you’ll need to ensure anyone with the need to can retrieve the data easily. Whether it is to impress clients with how well you and your team know them or to make a quick tactical decision based on real data, a CRM system and strategy can perform these tasks effortlessly.

3. Check the progress of your sales effort

You may have a sales cycle that takes time. There may be ‘hoops-and-loops’ you’ll need to go through. It can be easy to get ‘lost’ in it, especially if you’re managing a number of them at the same time. With a CRM system, with a tap-and-swipe, you’ll be able to know where you are in the process. Nothing is more annoying for a client than repeating a discussion or demo they’ve already sat through.

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