How to produce copy that prospects want to read
When was the last time you read a post or article from start to finish? Like most, it's unlikely to be within the past few days. It is a luxury to be able to read a post from start to finish regularly. Yet content marketing will be worth $412.88 billion by 2021! So, how do you produce content that will be read? Read the guidelines shared below for ideas and inspiration. 1. Visualise the end Great content has a great story. Great stories always start with the end in mind. With a focal point, there is little or no risk of writing a story that rambles on and on. It's the same with great content. Start by answering the question "why are you writing it?" 2. Know what your target audience wants Great content isn't about you. It's about your target audience. They are in search of a solution, so the last thing they want to know is 'your story'. In the least, your content must provide them with deeper insights into their problem or hint at a possible solution. Continuously listening to your target audience helps to this end as it enables you to stay in touch with the challenges they are faced with. 3. Cut the technical jargon Never write to impress but to address a problem your target audience faces. A common weakness of poor content is writing to impress with terms that are alien to the reader. If it leaves them confused, you will be refused. They are looking for clarity, not more vagueness. 4. KISS it! Keep It Simple and Succinct. You're not writing a novel. It is a marketing piece designed to offer value to your target audience, that is, information and insights they can use. By keeping it simple and succinct, you've removed one barrier to reading - "it's too long." Ultimately, you need to get your copy right to attract the right audience. To learn more, connect with us at Mark 2 Creative today.
Image by StockSnap via Pixabay