Increase your Instagram visibility with SEO optimisation
Social media is a big part of online marketing in 2021. Platforms such as Instagram work wonders for boosting the reach of both you and your business. Don’t believe us? Just have a look at the thousands of influencers who have forged successful careers on Instagram alone. One of the reasons why they’re so successful is because of the SEO optimisation strategies they use. So, let's take a look at the ways you can use SEO to boost your own Instagram visibility.

Incorporate a keyword and location into your username

By incorporating a keyword and location into your username and bio, you’re likely to increase your visibility tenfold. Sources show that in July 2021, there were 13 million Instagram users in Australia, which is roughly half of the population! So, if you run a beauty business that specialises in lash extensions in Perth, and you include the keywords ‘lash extensions’ and 'Perth' in your name and bio, your business is more likely to appear in results when people search for these words on the platform.

Consider your caption

There’s no point in posting pictures of your work without an SEO optimised caption. By inserting a few keywords in the description and hashtags, your business becomes more visible, appearing on the ‘Explore’ page across millions of accounts. Therefore, if someone used this page to search for ‘dog grooming’ and 'Melbourne', and you included these hashtags in your post, it’s likely that your business will be one of the options returned to that searcher. This is why you see a lot of businesses use hashtags in their captions.

Use Alt text

Alt text on Instagram is hidden – unless you know where to find it! As you’re posting a new photo, go to ‘Advanced Settings’. Here you’ll find the option to ‘Write Alt Text’. Include a quick summary of what you’re posting as well as a few keywords and you’ll have used SEO optimisation to boost your Instagram visibility. For more information on how to boost your Instagram visibility with SEO optimisation, contact a member of our team at Mark 2 Creative today.