Is your inbound marketing effectively driving growth?

The significant contribution of inbound marketing is best captured by Guy Kawasaki: “If you have more money than brains you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.” For small businesses, this is music to the ears. In this article, we list the tickboxes of effective inbound marketing.

1. Higher ROI

A 2018 Hubspot survey reported that inbound marketing costs businesses 62% less than outbound marketing. While not every business may enjoy these savings, you should be looking at similar figures. If past outbound and current inbound marketing efforts don’t show a gap, it’s time to review the latter’s strategy and execution. Keep in mind though, an effective inbound marketing campaign takes time to bear fruit. It is not a magic wand.

2. Nurtures loyalty

To know, to love, to buy – consumers must know who you are and love what you share before they buy. Inbound marketing reflects this flow in the consumer-brand relationship in the digital age. But it begins with attracting the right people, which is a basic tenet of inbound marketing. If visitors are not attracted to your content, it’s time to rebuild your buyer persona.

3. Nurtures trust

Today, people are inundated with offers and promises. Growing indifference to a business’ or brand’s marketing efforts is common. Effective inbound marketing prevents you from slipping into this black hole of marketing. By sharing with prospects answers to questions they have, you are demonstrating your authority and credibility. It nurtures trust, which over time will lead to a greater commitment from prospects. Is your inbound marketing leading to this?

4. An expanded reach

Thanks to marketing technology, the world is your oyster. Inbound marketing helps you reach an audience beyond your immediate geographical boundaries. If you are providing value to the target audience, it will travel far and wide. What is the reach of your inbound marketing?

As people grow more connected, informed and demanding, businesses need to keep up in providing value pre-sales. Inbound marketing helps. Connect here to discuss your business’ inbound marketing strategy.