The importance of effective branding

If you watch old western movies, they often involve cattle. These beasts are gathered for branding so that, when mixing with other owners’ herds in a cattle drive, the ownership of each can be clearly identified.

The beauty of ‘branded customers’

Okay, just to make it clear, we will quickly point out that we are not suggesting you head out into the marketplace with a red-hot branding iron, allowing you to imprint your logo on every customer and make them forever your own! In this context, branded customers are those who hold your company or product names in their memory, in a positive train of thought. This means these thoughts are ready to be drawn to the front of their minds whenever it’s time to make a relevant purchase or search for a service.

Some brands have become virtually generic. In many places, a vacuum cleaner, of any make or model, will simply be called a Hoover; or a pint of Guinness will be front of mind rather than a desire to drink some stout. Creating an effective brand identity with a creative strategy can also help to take a product well beyond its original customer base. WD40 was created to help remove moisture from car spark plugs. Through discovering how clients actually utilised it, there are now more than 2,000 different product uses listed on their website. Many of their customers probably don’t even own or drive a car! Yet, by branding, WD40 is front of mind for so many jobs around the home or workplace.

Spreading the love

Having ‘branded customers’ can also mean that you have unpaid ‘brand ambassadors’. If you were to hire a famous sports star, or actor, for such a roll, it would cost an inordinate amount of money. Yet, happy customers are likely to recommend you to friends, share their positive view across social media, and even spread the word by sharing your posts or directing others to your website.

How Mark2 Creative can help with your branding activities

Our talented team can work with you to create that vital first, and then lasting, impression. This can become embedded throughout your entire creative strategy; crafting your own memorable persona, and allowing it then to seep deep into the consciousness of your prospective and then current customers. To find out more about how this can be achieved, chat to us now on 1300 795 990…

Photo: guinness by [puamelia] licensed under Creative commons 5