Choosing the right CRM for your business
What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an effective strategy to manage your business’ relationships with current and potential customers. Put simply, CRM ensures your sales team has the right information to improve lead generation and customer management. However, with so many CRM tools on the market, it can be difficult knowing which will work best for you. To make the decision easier, here are four tips to select the right CRM for your business. #1 Choose a flexible CRM The CRM you select should be able to grow with your business. That means, it must meet your current needs, as well as where you envision your business will be in the next five to 10 years. To ensure you choose a scalable, adaptable CRM, ask yourself the following questions: “Which sales channels will you add?” and; “How much will your business grow, and what does this mean for your sales team and customers?” #2 Select software you and your team feel confident with Every CRM tool is designed to meet different business requirements. As such, some are more complex than others. A helpful general rule is to use a CRM which helps you and your team access information easily and quickly. If it’s easy to use, it can be integrated into your current digital marketing strategy (i.e. email marketing, user-made video, earned media, etc). #3 Remember: expensive doesn’t always mean better Most CRM platforms are sold as SaaS (software as a service). This flexibility enables you to subscribe to the software, instead of owning it outright. Also, by subscribing, you don’t have to buy new hardware or hire staff to maintain the system. And, you can start with a cheaper CRM option, and upgrade as your business grows. #4 Test it out Before committing to any customer management software, ensure you test it first. During this trial period, you and your team can test its features and functionality, and ensure that it integrates with any other software you use in your business. For even more advice on selecting the perfect CRM software for your business, call or email the friendly team at Mark 2 Creative today.