Three easy Google Adwords tips to increase your profits
If you want to drive more traffic to your website to increase your sales, then PPC (pay per click) might be the way to go. But where do you start? You need to implement your campaign properly, otherwise you might end up paying a lot for clicks without getting much return on your investment. PPC starts with your Google Adwords account, and we’ve come up with some tips on how to use this account to your best ability, so you can increase your profits. 1. Connect your Google Adwords to a relevant landing page Make sure that when someone clicks on your PPC link, it is going through to the page the user expects. Your landing page should be optimised for a PPC conversion by having a strong message and showing the user how to make a purchase. By implementing relevant keywords on your Google Adwords account and including this on your homepage, along with your ad copy, you should see an improved conversion rate. 2. Detail all your available ad content It might sound obvious, but when optimising your Adwords account, make sure you fill out every single field so your ad will perform better. For your URL, make sure it ties heavily into the meaning behind the landing page. The headlines should bring the brand name and main keywords into the fore. Make sure you detail the city you are based in and offer a complete description which will allow your customers to find your page. And don’t forget your strong call to action at the end of your description, so you can make sure your users click through to a sale. 3. Optimise your geotargets When you set up your Google Adwords account, you have the option to use geotargets – and make sure you use this feature. By focusing on your specific geolocation, you have the chance to make more money, especially if you are in an industry like hospitality. Often your services might only be relevant to a certain location anyway. For example, if you specialise in air conditioning repairs and you are marketing to a cold region, then you probably won’t see as high a return on your investment as you would if you marketed to sunnier climes. Using Google Adwords wisely is beneficial If you properly implement and manage your Google Adwords PPC campaign, you should start to see your sales rise. Simply make such you take the time to go over all the steps to crafting a suitable Google Adwords account and you should be rewarded.
Google Adwords by christophe.benoit74 licensed under Creative Commons 4.0