Tips for blogging on your social media platforms
When creating social media postings, there are many dictionary definitions of the word 'social'. A simple one refers to 'interacting with other people'. This is particularly relevant when you are creating blog posts for social media - and for your website. Too many blogs spend time talking at people, rather than with them. The best blogs gain a response - and this may be an actual comment posted below. But equally, there can be an internal response from readers. This might be in their agreeing with points raised or considering how to use the info for their benefit. Perhaps they'll be thinking of others with whom to share the content. All such responses are valuable.

5 quick tips for creating effective blogs

1. Write everything you want to say; only then go back and edit it. This makes sure the main points are included. 2. Write as if you are talking to a single person rather than a crowd - because, however many people do read it, it's a singular experience for each of them. Remember that, while giving prominence to keywords and phrases is important, it's your audience that needs to respond - not a search bot! The copy must involve, interest, and resonate with each reader. 3. Limit the mentions of yourself and your business. Aim your blogs squarely at your audience. They don't want them to be packed with 'we did...' 'we are...' 'we know...' references. Don't create blogs that are equivalent to that person at a party who simply talks about themselves. If you are telling stories to show the effectiveness of your products and services, look to tell them from a customer's point of view. 4. Look to use both immediate and lasting copy in your blogs. Sometimes you'll be looking for a swift response. Other times you might produce useful ongoing content that readers will want to keep and refer back to. 5. Look to solve problems; offer solutions; offer alternative ways of delivering outcomes you know people are looking for.

And a final great tip for your social media content

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