Using social media to improve customer retention

As a business owner, you know how vital social media is to your success. Despite this, many business owners see it as an optional extra. Social media can do much more than simply attract new customers and promote new products and services. The platforms can help you retain customers. Here are four easy ways to foster trust and loyalty among your followers.

#1 Build a relationship

The secret to customer retention is developing a trusting relationship with your customers. After all, consumers are more likely to stick with your brand if they like and trust you. However, developing that trust takes work. And, this starts with being friendly and engaging. You need to create genuine, interesting content which is valuable for your target audience. To retain your customers, create blogs, videos or pictures they can relate to on a personal level.

#2 Engage

As the name implies, people use social media to be social. So, if you aren’t engaging with customers, your content will be lost in their news feed. There are several ways to engage with consumers. Firstly, ensure you are prompt in responding to customer questions.

Secondly, consistently delivering relevant, useful content prompts customers to choose your brand over others. This shows consumers that you can anticipate their needs and deliver on your promises. And thirdly, you can connect to your audience and create a wider one by asking customers to promote your brand on their social media profiles.

#3 Listen to feedback

Social media platforms are effective listening tools. By taking feedback and criticism on board, you can customise your posts to ensure they are 100% relevant to your audience. Customer feedback can also help you when designing products and services. Tapping into this rich vein of “social data” allows you to see where your brand sits in consumers’ minds.

And, responding to feedback gives customers a personalised brand experience. This means they are more inclined to engage with your brand after purchase and recommend you to friends and family.

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