Website hosting: Everything you need to know
If you’re looking to learn more about building a website, you might have come across the concept of website hosting. This is an absolute must-have for any business website once you publish it. But what does it mean? This blog will cover what website hosting means and what types are out there.

What is website hosting?

This is an online service that enables businesses like you to publish your website files on the internet, meaning that anyone with access to the internet can access your website. While some businesses choose to host on a server, it can prove more beneficial to rely on a website hosting service. Not only do these offer website security and take some of the responsibility and administrative pressure off you, but they come with a whole host of features and services to use.

What types of website hosting are available?

There are several different website hosting services and types: •Shared hosting – ideal for start-ups and blogs with low traffic •WordPress hosting – optimised for a WordPress server •VPS hosting – virtual private server; shared hosting with partitions between servers and more access to memory and processing power •Dedicated hosting – individual server; unshared •Cloud hosting – scalable VPS, adaptable to traffic spikes

How to choose a website hosting provider

Begin by identifying what your needs are as a business. If your website will be image-focused (such as photography websites or pages with galleries), then you will need to focus on a provider who can offer faster speeds and greater storage capacities or even a Content Delivery Network. However, if your site will be your business’s online shopping hub then you will want to find a provider who specialises in e-commerce and can offer packages with greater bandwidth and payment security. On this note, it’s crucial to research the reliability of potential servers and providers as well as uptime guarantees. You can find this on TrustPilot and on online reviews from other users of the provider. For more information about our website hosting services, get in touch with Mark 2 Creative today.